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Soonr Features?

  • Dashboard – your business at a glance
    • The Dashboard is your integrated overview of all your recent Project activities. You can instantly and securely view all your files. It automatically lists comments and changes your Team makes to documents chronologically. Your Favourite files are available on your mobile devices even when there is no connection available.
  • Projects and Sharing - collaboration made easy
    • Safely manage, organize and share files with your Team using Soonr. You have complete control over who has access to specific Projects, and as Teams change, your permission levels can be adjusted instantly.
  • Mobile – business to go
    • Soonr's powerful features work on all the major smartphones and tablets including iPhone, iPad, Android, Android tablets, Blackberry and many others. Our patented rendering technology allows you to view over 40 different document types on your device without having to download the file. With our integrated tablet editing, our Premium, Pro and Pro Custom users can edit Microsoft Office documents directly on their tablet without having to download a 3rd party application.
  • Teamwork – less me, more we.
    • Manage your Teams centrally with our easy-to-use interface. Teams are made of both internal Members and external Connections of your company. Soonr makes it easy to assign people to Projects, grant or restrict access rights or view changes by person, Project or action.
  • Sync – online, offline.
    • Once installed, Soonr creates a blue folder on your desktop called "My Soonr Projects" and copies all your Projects to it. With your Project files safely stored locally, you can work on your Projects offline, and when you go online again, your files will automatically be synced. Everyone on your Team will be notified when the Project has been updated.
  • Commenting and Notifications – keep your team in the loop
    • Agile businesses need to collaborate quickly for maximum efficiency. With Soonr, your Team can instantly work together on Projects. When a comment or change has been posted, everyone on the Team will be notified via email or SMS so they can respond immediately.
  • Company Branding - add your brand for internal and external sharing.
    • Soonr Pro and Pro Custom users can easily customize the look and feel of Soonr online to match their brand with our Company Branding feature. In addition to adding your company’s logo to the interface, you can customize the colour scheme and create a custom login page. Adding your unique logo and colours not only creates ownership, it also strengthens your brand for your clients as you securely share information with them.
  • Versioning - go back in time.
    • Never worry about losing your important files or changes again. Soonr's built-in File Versioning means you can instantly recover files and restore them to their original location, either one file at a time, or your entire folder.
  • Search – find anything
    • As your business grows, so do your files. With Soonr, your files are all searchable, so you can instantly find what you need, even on your mobile devices. Soonr integrates with other services like eFax and printing so you can easily fax or print any stored file.
  • Soonr Scribble – the natural way to mark up any document
    • Soonr Scribble is the mobile app that provides a natural way to mark up any document. It transforms your device into a productivity tool for annotating files. With Soonr Scribble, you can easily mark up over 35 different file types, highlight important information, create freeform shapes and customize your line thickness and colour.