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Business Analysis / Audits

At Kloud, the most important aspect of what we do is understanding how we can best support your business, not just in terms of IT infrastructure and systems but in how these systems interact with your business processes and whether you get full value for your IT investment.

To do this, we have 2 levels of auditing.

  • We do a discovery on the basic aspects of your IT infrastructure and systems to determine at a basic level what’s going on.
  • We will spend a number of days analysing and documenting all aspects of your IT infrastructure, systems and business processes, cross functionally, so we will have a detailed picture of your enterprise and whether it is fulfilling your requirements in total.

The audit process includes interviews with key stakeholders within the organisation. We will submit all documentation in a report with recommendations on how any shortcomings found may be surmounted and solved.

If you want to know how you’re IT is performing or if it’s even getting started in the morning, then contact us. We’re happy to help you gain clarity in your IT environment.