Online System Backup

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Online System Backup

Protect your business systems with our online system backup service.

As part of your business continuity and disaster recovery process, we can backup an image of your server operating system, and file data, to our data centre environment every night so that you don’t have worry about putting tapes in the server or switching the hard drive around.

You can also use this as another layer in your overall backup strategy combined with local backups to give more peace of mind. Depending on how often you test your backups you may find out at the wrong time that your backup tape is broken or you have bad sectors on the drive you use to store server backups.

This solution will provide you with an offsite backup of your server infrastructure, preformed as often as you wish. All backups can be encrypted to military grade, have versioning and have a web based interface for convenience.

Why not combine our online system backups with online file backups to get the best value for your online backup solution?


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