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Grid Solutions / Virtual Desktops

Grid solutions offer a complete end to end cloud solution for your business. We can provide you with remote desktops and cloud based server space so that all of your vital infrastructure can be taken offsite.

Users will retain the same experience that they currently have and often it is improved. For example, all users can move to a Windows 7 environment with Office 2010 on each remote desktop for a fraction of the cost of a new PC.

When this is combined with free 100GB of server space, then moving to the cloud becomes a viable solution for many businesses.

Moving to the cloud has many advantages over on premise solutions.

  • Latest editions of Windows OS and applications available on remote desktops
  • Easier to upgrade
  • Significantly reduced local IT overhead
  • Automated backups, no local backups required
  • Excellent user experience due to data centre performance
  • Monthly payment model better for cash flow
  • Current payment vs. capital outlay

These solutions can satisfy almost all of the requirements of most businesses in terms of backend infrastructure including:

  • File server space
  • Database servers
  • Web Servers

These solutions are also compatible with server requirements such as for Sage and Quickbooks. Local printing is also supported.

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