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About Us

Kloud is an innovative and class leading IT Company based in Limerick providing complete IT services to our clients by ensuring the delivery of integrated and smooth solutions. Listening to our clients and working closely with them is paramount to delivering successful IT solutions. We endeavour to learn as much as possible about your business in terms of what you do everyday day, how your current IT supports your business and how IT can help take it to the next level. 


Our philosophy is to use the latest technology to enhance your business and get the most from what you have so that you can focus on maximising the potential of your business. We provide IT solutions which are appropriate for the size and nature of your business, whether it is a PC, network, server or the software which you use on a daily basis to manage your data, workflows and processes.


We provide comprehensive support options which offer you value for money. This doesn't mean cheap - it means we will show you where the costs are in your business and give you a support model where you know you are only spending what you need to. This can be one of our simple remote and phone support options or one of our more advanced offerings where you will have direct access to our helpdesk systems and on site preventative maintenance each day, week or month to ensure that all aspects of your IT are maintained and kept in good working order.


We are heavily cloud focused because the type of services available on that platform perfectly suit the types of business we deal with and the solutions we offer. This ranges from email services to online backup and online file storage and sharing. The custom software solutions we develop are almost always cloud based depending on customer requirements.